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Credit Cards: The Good, The Bad, and the Rewards

Credit Cards: The Good, The Bad, and the Rewards

In this video, I discuss the pros and cons of credit cards and how they can impact your financial life. I explore the importance of credit scores and the role credit cards play in building credit. I also delve into the different types of rewards you can earn, such as cash back, travel miles, and points. Additionally, I highlight the significance of introductory bonuses and the potential risks associated with certain cards. Finally, I provide tips on responsible credit card usage and the importance of reviewing your card portfolio annually.

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Financial Considerations During Divorce

Financial Considerations During Divorce

In this video I discuss important financial considerations to keep in mind during a divorce. I explain the difference between common law states and community property states, and how assets and debts are divided in each. I also touch on the topic of who gets to keep the house and the potential financial implications. Additionally, I provide insights on the equal distribution of assets, the division of 401ks, Social Security benefits, estate planning considerations, and tax implications.

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Common Retirement Investment Mistakes

In this video, I will discuss some of the most common retirement investment mistakes. It's important to contribute the maximum to your 401k or employer-sponsored plan to take advantage of free money. Starting early allows your money to compound and grow. Developing a plan helps you determine how much you need to save for your desired lifestyle. Maintaining a long-term outlook is crucial. Diversifying your investments can help to reduces risk and increases the chances of steady returns. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!  

Markets Update Video

We've had a great year so far, and the big topic on everyone's mind is inflation. Luckily, inflation ticked down to 3%, which is great news for the markets. The rally is expected to continue, and history shows that when the market is up double digits in the first six months, it tends to perform well for the rest of the year. Tech stocks, especially the top seven, have been leading the way, with the NASDAQ up 43%. We're also making progress on inflation, with rents and used car prices coming down. I believe there are opportunities in small caps and real estate, as well as in companies focused on AI. Small caps are trading at a discount compared to large caps, and with the rate hike cycle coming to an end, there's potential for a strong rally. Overall, the market looks promising, and I'm excited about the opportunities ahead.


Learn about the difference between bulls and bears—markets, that is!

Real Estate Investing and Mortgage Market Update

In this video I talk with Jason Coleman and we discuss some strategies to use leverage and build wealth with real estate. Jason also updates us on the current state of mortgage market that has lowest rates ever recorded.

Reviewing Old Life Insurance Policies

The cost of life insurance continues to decrease as people live longer and new policies are available that can help insure against long term care (nursing home) expenses.  This means it's more important than ever to make sure you are getting the best deal on your life insurance and that it you are paying for something that with meet your needs.

CARES Act 2020

Brief discussion of the CARES act provisions and how it may impact you. We discuss mortgage forbearance, stimulus checks, charitable giving, student loans, and retirement plan withdrawals in 2020.

State of the Markets May 2020

Edwards Wealth Management on AZ Business Insider

In this video Chip Teetsel interviews me, and I get a chance to introduce myself and our practice and talk a little bit about my background.